Suppliers will have the ability to track payments throughout the process and get real-time updates, historical data and associated documents via portal. Suppliers can also submit invoices and all related information directly into the supplier Portal, which speeds up the approval and payment process and provides visibility to all stakeholders.

Build Stronger Relationship With Your Supplier

Explore Increasing your ROI by implementing a scalable, cloud-based supplier portal that helps manage and automate business processes and supplier transactions. Providing visibility of the supplier interaction process for businesses is the main objective of this solution.

Web and mobile portals help business users and suppliers to coordinate efficiently for each stage of procurement to payment process. A single one stop gateway for managing vendors and providing clarity of specific business process. A vendor portal which is popularly known as “Supplier Portal” also, a web-based solution helps your
vendors collaborate in a secured online environment.


Our Supplier Portal Allows

  • End-to-End visibility across supply chain for optimizing inventory management
  • Automated supplier on boarding
  • Segregation of duties
  • Transaction costs reduction and errors reduction
  • Enable localized communications
  • Cost savings by standardizing business logic across industry
  • Invoicing and acknowledge
  • Third party data integration
  • Parametric workflow campaign integration
  • Process automation
  • Data syndication
  • Facilitate invoicing, procurement and other core functionality.

Supplier portals are ideal for providing better service, more efficiency, and for less operating expenditures. At Intelliglobe Technologies, we make sure your supplier portal is designed to meet your business process needs.